If your company isn't placed on all the online video platforms yet, then more than 60% of clients don't know about you
The most effective blog visualization for your business
We create video blogs that transform brands
We unleash brand power and opportunities with the help of videos
Our competenсe is a correct analysis, strategy creation, and its effective realization.
Microsoft, Apple, Google, and even its unit YouTube run their video blogs with the same frequency, or even more often, than archaic text blogs. Approximately 87% of marketers already use videos, and 51% claim, that videos provide the best ROI among all content.
Additional organic traffic chanels
Growth of marketing indicators
More effective promotion in search engines
Recomendations for target audience in social media
Tilda Publishing
Less time spent on watching with the help of voiceover text optimization

9 of 10 people prefer to watch a video

A great number of platforms for sharing
More time-consuming, so the article may not be read to the end

Only 10% of users choose a text blog

May be placed only on your site
80% of companies, which use video blogs, publish them on the same page as text blogs.

90% of them publish video blogs on YouTube
US freelance team will cost you starting from $5540

A freelance team in Europe will cost you starting from €4700

AF team will create an effective video blog for $2500 only with the help of smooth work
needed for every company: strategy, client's portrait, blog goal, marketing task, business task, amount of content, platforms for publishing, style, and format of the video
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